Affordable Mobile Home Transport - Van Taylor took a 50% deposit and didn't deliver

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Van Taylor and Affordable Mobile Home Transport AKA Alco Mobile Home Transport and Lyman Agency, Inc. is a fraud. They do not do what they say they will do, they demand a 50 percent deposit and do not show up to make the move. They do not refund the deposit. Excuses and stealing money are their speciality, not moving homes. DO NOT use this company for anything!

Van Taylor has now stopped answering his phone or emails that I send to him. He is a fraud, liar and thief. He hides behind the companies listed above. His website looks legitimate. Don't be fooled by He got stopped at a state inspection site because he was not legal.

Do not be taken in by his quick first contact and pushyness to get you to send money. Once you send money to him he will just give you excuses. His word is worth NOTHING.

I wish I would have checked into his business practices before sending him money. Don't be stolen from like I was. Run from Van Taylor and Affordable Mobile Home Transport (aka Lyman Agency, Inc., aka Alco Transport).

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It is interesting that "bill smith" says he looked into the contract. He is factually in error.

The home to be moved had the mounts for the axles under it. It had the tongues under it. It did not need a "trailer" to move it from it's location to it's future location.

Mr. Van Taylor and Affordable Mobile Transport did not have the permits to move the home from it's former location to it's future location.

Mr. Van Taylor did require a 50% deposit to start the contract, which we paid.

Mr. Van Taylor and Affordable Mobile Transport agreed to return the $5,000 deposit, but did not do what he said he would do.

Mr. Van Taylor lost his case in the binding arbitration that was required in the contract that both parties signed.

There was no agreement to take down any posting to have the $5,000 deposit returned to us. I will when Mr. Van Taylor returns the complete deposit amount, post that he followed through on his agreement.. Until that point, Mr. Taylor aka bill smith, is just using more stall tactics.

Slander is posting false information about a person to do damage. To date, Mr. Van Taylor has not returned the deposit that he swore he would, that he agreed in writing he would and that her verbally said he would return. That is not slander.

I will post notice here when Mr. Van Taylor (aka bill smith) and Affordable Mobile Transport return the whole $5,000 they were ordered to return to us. They were given 45 days from the date of the decision. To return the full amount. They have not done that.

It is sad to me that some people chose to do business in this way. Lets get this resolved as it was agreed to .

slan·der [slándər]

n (plural slan·ders)

1. law saying of something false and damaging: the act of saying something false or malicious that damages somebody’s reputation

2. false and damaging statement: a false and malicious statement that damages somebody’s reputation

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I looked in to the contract, here is the facts, thre was no pushing to get money send to the co.Mr.

condumer sined a contract for affordable in move his mobile home. Mr. taylor came from al. toor.

to move the home and out the home was not mobile home, but a modular home compelety a different type of home reguining a trailor to huall it on. when consumer was call to attition, he canseled the contract with out propernocation to affordable,they did a gree to give back his despoit if he resended his posting on web sites like this one he did not so the company gave him a parshel refund: and will pay the rest when he remove all his lies, also ther is law sutie being pending on the consummer...

rembember you can say anything you want, but be sure what you say is true.are you can be suded for slander.:)

to bill smith Houston, Texas, United States #598129

If you are going to post as a business person, please proof read (or have someone with knowledge of the English language do so). This post by 'Bill Smith' has multiple mis-spellings and grammatical errors. It shows sloppiness which I am sure carry over to his business practices.

to Anonymous #623864

Thank you for pointing out a plain simple fact Anonymous.I agree with you about Bill Smith proof reading his own posts/replies on here, as that does in fact sloppy business practices as you say.

As far as what they are saying about taking down a post as soon as the monies are returned, I have never heard of any judge or arbitrators asking that public notices of complaints being removed, whether they have been resolved or not.

Usually they do require that a post or notice be updated and/or re posting a Resolve following any action.Call any B.B.B.'s (Better Business Bureau)in any state/cities and they have records/histories of any and all complaints filed with them of companies, whether resolved or not.

Mile High
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Van said he would return my $5,000.00 deposit 15 days after I returned a form regarding the refund.It has been over 20 days.

He is not returning phone calls or emails.

Don't do business with him, he will just steal from you.:(

to Mile High #1355134

Sounds just like affordable quality mobile home movers in Van Buren Arkansas Tiffany Bailey James Ross McDaniel

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Affordable Mobile Home Transport - Ownerthe

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Hector, did not pay is bill on moving his home from Tn.

the motor carrier sent certified letter telling him the home would be auctioned off if he did not. he did not pay, his house was soled to pay trucking co. the attorney General of Ala. local sheriff of the county.

and the attorney for the trucking co. all about this event. Hector is a lire. there is a Federal law suite in Birmingham, Al.

he will be suspended for this trail, the trucking co. suited the state of all.

because the state interference with regulations of motor carriers.

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